Meats & Seafood

Spicy Sausages

spicy sausages

An easy dish of sausages tossed in a spicy relish of onions and capsicums. Spicy and tangy with a slight sweetness. Dog lover or not, you will wolf them down in a ...

High Spirited Mutton Stew

mutton stew

Mutton braised in a flavoursome, aromatic gravy with barely a hint of the beery broth that it has been cooked in. The beer tenderizes the mutton beautifully, and the alcohol ...

Taamboota per Eeda

tambota per eeda

Egg curry Parsi style! Eggs are poached in a tomato gravy. The poaching, instead of hard boiling (like regular egg curries) gives a silken, creamy texture to the eggs. The ...

Prawn Cauliflower au Gratin

prawn au gratin

The slight sweetness of cauliflower and prawns complement each other in this flavoursome bake. You will need: Cauliflower         1 small head, broken into florets Prawns, shelled and deveined   ...

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