Veggie Delights

Chana Chettinad

chana chettinad

Thanks to popular restaurants, to most people Chettinad fare means a fiery, peppery onslaught on your tastebuds. The point that most Indian cooks miss is that spices are meant to ...

Surabhi’s Dosa Burger

dosa burger

Baby (mini) dosas used to be a great way to sneak food into my fussy five year old. Until she put cucumber slices in between and brandished it about excitedly ...

Saucy Soya

saucy soya

Soya nuggets – the vegetarian meat! With a unique taste and odour of its own. Loved by some, hated  by many, yet all agree that it is healthy. The soya ...

Raw Mango Salad

raw mango salad

A cool and crunchy salad of raw mango and carrots with a bite of green chilli, and peanuts for added texture. A delightful cooler for those hot summer days. Make ...

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