Sweet Potato Halwa

potato halwa

The children are woken up early in the morning, bathed and dressed. Depending on their parents’ inclination, they may or may not get a glass of milk. Then they are ...

Mocha Rocks

mocha rocks

When I was in college, Friday evenings meant my duty to take my brother to the ENT. My brother had a complicated ear problem, for which he had undergone a ...

Pineapple Pongal

father and son

One bright, winter afternoon, six friends lounged in a shady corner of the club lawns, catching up over lunch. Twenty years had passed since they had last met, but the ...

Mada Mada Muffins

mada mada muffins

Like many convent – educated Indians, I used to take great pride in my English. Precise pronunciation, proper accent, grammatically and idiomatically correct usage…. Till the day a friend, Rosemary, ...

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Suparna, formerly in advertising, has come home to roost with her family. As a child, she travelled the world with her seafaring parents. This began her journey in adapting world ...