Gudugina Huggi

I pici che abbiamo assaggiato

It’s that time of year again. Masterchef Australia is back on the Indian television screen! In many homes, including ours, dinner is gulped down, the table is cleared up, all ...

Hunkur Begendi


The small child was crying, refusing to get back into the swimming pool. The mother  coaxed and cajoled, until finally she threatened, “If you don’t get back in there, I’m ...

Chicken Provencal

Chicken provencal story

The neighbor proudly announced to my mother that his son was sending them to ‘Chick-ago’ on a holiday. “Wow,” thought Mum, “they are travelling to places that they can’t even ...

Bhag, India, Bhag


Thanks to the mega hype, most of you would’ve watched ‘Bhag, Milkha, Bhag’ by now or at least plan to watch it. Sure it is a great movie about the ...

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Suparna, formerly in advertising, has come home to roost with her family. As a child, she travelled the world with her seafaring parents. This began her journey in adapting world ...