Achari Saem


Once in 12 years, a planetary conjunction causes a sensation in India called The Mahakumbh Mela. The world looks on in wonder as 12 crore people congregate at the Sangam ...

Veggie Delights


Bosses come in all shapes and sizes. Some thin, some chubby, some short, some tall – all with their own complexes. Some are domineering, some democratic, some egoistic, all self-serving. ...

One Pot Meals


The best remedy for seasickness is to eat more. This is what all sailors believe and Badruddin was no exception. Badruddin was the second cook on the ship, but he ...

Wasabi Cheesecake


7:30 am – Rush hour as in countless homes across India.  Tension is rising, tempers are flaring as brinjals sizzle in the pan for the hubby’s lunch dabba, the mixie ...

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Suparna Shantagiri

Suparna, formerly in advertising, has come home to roost with her family. As a child, she travelled the world with her seafaring parents. This began her journey in adapting world ...