Welcome to The Wok of Life! A melting pot which combines stories and memories, ramblings and musings with humble kitchen ingredients to create a dish that will tickle your mind along with your palate. For in every food that we eat, there isn’t just a blend of taste & smell, look & feel, but an experience, a memory, an emotion.  Each time you eat an idli, you can picture your mother forcing another one onto your plate. Maybe your everyday mutton curry reminds you of your dog begging you with his liquid eyes for a bite. A bite of apple pie sets you laughing over the joke you shared with your friend at the café. Or a vada carries with it the scent of early mornings at the railway station.  So, walk along with me on this culinary path as we blend in every recipe with humour, observation and at times nostalgia, and cook up some unique food.

And don’t worry, you won’t be defeated by the ingredients. For how often have you drooled over a dish- its luscious picture or description? Only to go halfway down the ingredient list and give up. Hey, we know that sumac, nori sheets , shitake and orchietta are supposedly available at the nearest gourmet store. But are you really going to make a two hour trip every time you read a recipe? So, welcome to the world of The Adaptable Gourmet . Or in typical Indian style, ‘The Adjustable Gourmet’.

So let’s help you adjust your recipe to your kitchen, your friendly neighborhood supermarket, and more importantly, your discerning palate. Those well-travelled, adventurous tastebuds that have been there, done that and yet come home to roost. For what better way to relive those adventures than back at home!

PS – As you read through the recipes, if the pictures and text seem misaligned, kindly “adjust”! Isn’t that what we do everyday in the “wok” of our lives?