roast beetrootsLast week, a man in Assam flew into a jealous rage when his wife kissed Rahul Gandhi at a public meeting. In his fury, he roasted her alive (and burnt himself severely in the process!) A clarification was later issued to say that the woman was not the one who had kissed Rahul Gandhi, but simply waited outside to meet him. Whatever the reason for the rage, it didn’t matter much to the victim – she was just subjected to it.
Two days later, we hear of a senior executive in Gurgaon stabbing his wife 18 times, killing her. This was because he suspected her of infidelity. Unlike the Assamese husband, this perpetrator was highly educated and very well-placed. The papers made it a point to mention that he was an IIM alumnus, a senior VP in a consultancy firm.
Some months before, a techie stabbed his wife 49 times and then flung himself over his 13th floor balcony in Bangalore. In Hyderabad, another techie killed bashed his wife and mother-in-law over the heads with an iron rod, in a fit of rage.
Whatever your education or social standing, killing seems to have become the new tool to deal with your relationship issues. No more sulking or talking things over. Just lash out with whatever is at hand.
And this murderous rage is not just limited to marriage. Road rage has become just as widespread. Earlier, road rage was something we saw only in the movies. No one dared to cross the path of a don or his sidekicks. One also gave a politician’s car a wide berth. Now, this rage seems to have become a fad of the common man.
Two days ago in Delhi, a man in a Skoda shot dead two brothers in a tempo. Their crime, they didn’t allow him to overtake.  Some time ago, a seven year old murder case was finally solved. A 30 year old woman, Rashmi, was stabbed 19 times with a screwdriver and her body dumped. The reason – road rage. She had entered into an altercation with the culprits for dashing their car against hers. In the fight, her thumb was bitten and she was killed.
And of course, who has not watched the famous Youtube clip of  Telugu movie star Ram Charan Teja’s bodyguards beating up two IT professionals in Hyderabad. Their offense – they did not let him overtake their car. How dare a lowly Alto take on an Aston Martin!
Rich or poor, unknown or famous, Rage is the new mantra of the Indian today. We seem to be teeming with frustrations. The poor for not having the riches we see shining all around us. The ones who have made it, face an even more uphill battle. You need to keep running faster and faster just to stay in place, with the ones behind you breathing down your neck. And you need to mask your insecurities as well. We need to find an outlet for all this, which does not cause bodily harm to others.
Well, what better way to work off your tensions and frustrations than with a spot of cooking? The kitchen is the best place to let off some steam. Chop up some veggies, crush up some spices, grind up some masalas, mince up some meat, fry up some brains…. Slice and roast some beetroots for this delicious ‘Roast Beetroot Salad’. Brimming with betacarotene and dressed with a wonderfully sweet ‘n’tangy vinaigrette, it is sure to cool down your temper. And build up your appetite. So, use kitchen therapy and please spare your poor wife!