Spicy Sausages

doggy pix

“Just come and see what she’s done!” shouted mother angrily. The whole household rushed to the drawing room to see what had happened. Molly as usual, was the first one ...

Lilva Pulao


As November comes to an end, the taste buds of the Original Bangalorean start to itch. There is a nip in the air and a heavy odour starts to permeate ...

High Spirited mutton Stew

high spirited mutton stew

“Cooking red meat with beer can protect you from cancer!” screamed the newspapers a few days ago. A headline which must have brought joy to many a heart. When meat ...

Roast wife or roast beetroot

roast beetroots

Last week, a man in Assam flew into a jealous rage when his wife kissed Rahul Gandhi at a public meeting. In his fury, he roasted her alive (and burnt ...

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Suparna, formerly in advertising, has come home to roost with her family. As a child, she travelled the world with her seafaring parents. This began her journey in adapting world ...